2020 NWI CPCU Society Scholarship

Thu, 04/23/2020 - 21:46


TO: All Members – Northern Wisconsin Chapter CPCU Society

FROM: The Board of Directors of the Northern Wisconsin Chapter CPCU Society

RE: Northern Wisconsin CPCU Scholarship Program 2020

Your Northern Wisconsin Chapter CPCU Society recognizes both the importance and the cost of education. We are pleased to announce that the Chapter Board of Directors has decided to offer three scholarships for up to $1,000 each for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Completed applications for 2020-2021 must be received by Meg Lech, CPCU, Liberty Mutual Insurance, 2000 Westwood Dr., P.O. Box 8017, Wausau, WI, 54402 (email: meg.lech@libertymutual.com), by

May 29, 2020. The names of the receipients will be announced on June 5, 2020. You may download an application from the Chapter website at http://nwisconsin.cpcusociety.org/, or you may request that one be sent to you by email by contacting Meg Lech at meg.lech@libertymutual.com.

The following rules and guidelines will apply in the administration of the Northern Wisconsin Chapter CPCU Scholarship Program.

1. Approval for the funding of the scholarships is at the discretion of the Chapter board of directors. Funding for the scholarships must be approved each year.

2. Northern Wisconsin CPCU Chapter members in good standing, their spouses and dependents are eligible to apply for scholarship consideration. Specific nonmembers may be declared eligible by a majority vote of the Chapter board of directors.

3. Scholarship applications must be completed in full, with attached information, in order to be eligible.

4. Scholarships are awarded on a one-time basis each year.

5. Scholarship recipients may apply for scholarships in subsequent years.

6. Scholarships can be used toward college or trade school expenses, or for industry coursework expenses.

7. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the recipients if attending a college or trade school. If a scholarship is awarded for the purpose of industry coursework, funds may be paid to the recipient or to the course provider.

8. Scholarship applications will be distributed by, and must be returned to, the Chapter Education Chairperson.

9. A Scholarship Selection Committee, consisting of three Chapter members in good standing appointed by the Chapter President, will review all applications and select the scholarship recipients each year. The Committee will consider all of the information submitted by each applicant in determining scholarship recipients.

Please click this link or for the scholarship application. https://nwisconsin.cpcusociety.org/sites/chp_nwi/files/docs/CPCU%20Scholarship%20Application%202020.pdf

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